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Disclaimer Hanze Library App


The Hanze Library App can be downloaded free of charge. No subscription costs are charged
for this service. Your mobile operator may charge costs for the data traffic used by the app.
By installing the app the user accepts these terms and conditions.


Personal details

Once you have installed the app you have to register (just once) your personal details:
your student or employee number and a password.
The Hanze Library will not use these details for any other purpose or forward them to third parties.
Make (just once) a password for this app.


Liability and indemnity

The Hanze Library has taken the greatest possible care in the development and management of
the app and the various information sources linked to it. No rights may be derived from the
information presented. The Library cannot be held liable for the consequences of any
inaccuracies, incorrect information, typos or other imperfections in the app.
The use of the app is entirely at the user's own risk. The Library cannot be held liable for any
damage directly or indirectly resulting from the use of this app.



As we aim to tailor the Hanze Library App to the need and wishes of its users, your opinion is
very important to us. Please feel free to send your comments, complaints or suggestions to .



The Hanze Library App was developed by the University of Groningen Library.
Idea: Frank den Hollander, Jan Herman Veldkamp
Development: Konstantin Ignatov
Design: Martijn van der Weijde / Yellow Frog, Victor Alexandrov


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