What is the app for?

With the Hanze Library app, you have the whole catalogue in your hands! Simply search for a title or author to see if and where the book can be found in our libraries, or immediately start reading the ebook through the link you get. Down below you can see how you can search for books, how you can reserve books and how you can extend your loans.

On the starting screen of the app, you see the opening hours of the various locations (you can swipe in between). 

We also share news through the app, for example when our opening hours temporarily change, or when we have a new database in our collection.


Logging in

To use all functionalities of the app, you're required to register. After installing the app, you must log in with an activation code. If you have not received an activation mail you can request a new one here. After activation, you log in with your student / employee number and a password.

Opening hours

If you click on the opening hours, you'll go to the opening hours overview. In a quick glance, you can see if and how long the different libraries are open. At the top of the screen you can choose different dates, up to 6 weeks in the future.

How can I search for a book?

1. Click on the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen (or click the "search for literature" option in the menu)


2. Fill in the title, author or ISBN of the item you want to find in the search bar and press enter/search

3. If you want, you can filter the results on "only books" or "only articles" with the filter option in the top right corner


4. Click on the title you want to read

If it is an ebook, there is a link to the page where you can start reading the ebook. Note: even with ebooks, there is a maximum number of users, if it is not available, please try again later.
If it is an article, there is now a link to the page where you can read the article
If it is a printed book, you will see in the overview in which location and where in the bookcases you can find the book

  • If the book is 'Available', you can go to the library and borrow it
  • If the book is 'on loan', you can reserve it by clicking on the 'Request' button. You can find your reservations in the menu under Loans. You will also receive an e-mail when the book is ready for you in the library
  • If the book is 'ter inzage' or 'not lendable', you can consult the book in the library, but you may not borrow it


How can I extend a loan?

Through the menu button Loans you can get an overview of what you currently have borrowed. You can then immediately extend your loan(s). You can extend up to 10 times max.

If you swipe to the right in the loan overview, you will also see which reservations you have placed and which ones are ready for you to pick up.


In the menu you will also find a News button. Through this overview we will keep you posted on all the news concerning the Hanze Library. For example, when the opening hours are adjusted, or when we have a new database.