Evaluation of the dataset

To evaluate the dataset(s) are appropriate for your paper, you can assess the dataset on different aspects:

  • quality 
  • findability
  • accessibilty/security
  • interoperability/reusability

Quality of the dataset(s)

  • How is the data collected?
  • For what purpose has the research been done?
  • Which research method is used?
  • Where is the dataset coming from? Is the data collector reliable?
  • What quality assurance procedures were used?


Findability of the dataset (s)

  • Has the dataset a complete description?
  • Are the results and variables described? 
  • Are articles or policies based on the results of the dataset(s)?
  • Is a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or handle available to identify the dataset?

Accessibility/Security of the dataset(s)

  • Is the dataset freely accessible? 
  • Is data being reused and has the dataset a license? (CC-license)
  • Is the dataset securily accessible, because of privacy, public-private cooperation (agreements of Intellectual Property), further research?

Interoperability/Reusability of the dataset(s)

  • How can the dataset be reused by third parties?
  • Can the dataset be reused without special soft- or hardware?
  • Has the dataset a preferred data citation format?