What are codes?

Codes are the labels that are given to the quotations.

You can label the same quotation with one or more codes, depending on what information might be important for your research.

Adding codes

Add a code  by clicking (right mousebutton) on the quotation. Now you have several options to add codes:

Create free quotation: you mark the selected fragment, but you don't add a code (yet)

Open coding: you create a new code and it will be attached to the quotation

In Vivo coding: the exact text of the fragment will be used as a code and will be attached to the quotation

List coding: you will choose an existing code (from your own code list) and it will be attached to the quotation

Quick coding: the last used code will be attached to this quotation

Managing codes

Codes can be viewed and managed in the Code Manager.

You can (for example):

  • ​add codes;
  • create codegroups;
  • add some colour to codes;
  • rename codes,
  • split or merge ​codes.

You can do this in the Code Manager under the tab Codes.

Other helpful resources

(Nederlandstalige Library Guide ATLAS.ti)