Saving a project

You can safe your project via File - Save. You can't name it yourself, the existing document will be updated.

Via File - Snapshot you can save a copy of your project. ATLAS.ti will propose a name for this copy, but you can change that. After the copy has been saved, you'll be back in the "existing" document (check the displayed project name).
Please note: this is different from using the "Save as"-function in for example Word!

A project that has (only) been saved via File - Save, can't be opened on another device!
You have to safe it in another way to be able to open and use the project on another device.
See Creating Creating a Project Bundle maken for more information.

Creating a Project Bundle

If you work on different computers/devices, it is absolutely necessary to create a Project Bundle of your project.

Creating a Project Bundle can be seen as a safe way of saving your work.

If you don't create a Project Bundle, you might loose your work!


To create a Project Bundle you first have to save your work as it is, via the regular Save option.

Next, go to File and choose for Export.
Now, click on Project Bundle and name your project.

Only a Project Bundle can be imported in ATLAS.ti on another computer to work on it further.


Check Video: Creating a Project Bundle for more information.

Video: Creating a Project Bundle


ATLAS.ti can be a sensitive programm regarding saving, updates on your system, etc.

Because it is better to be safe than sorry, we advise you to regularly create back-ups of your project and to store them on a different location than your own pc.

Create a Project Bundle as mentioned above. Make sure you give the Project Bundle a recognisable name (think of the data, version, etc.) and that you safe it somewhere you can find it back easily.

Other helpful resources

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