Use of more than 25% of a publication or more than 50 pages or more than 25 images

Do you need to use more than 50 pages or more than 25% of a copyrighted work for educational purposes? Do you need to use more than 25 images from a single source or more dan 10 images from the same creator? You will then be subject to the conditions for the use of long excerpts.


The use of long excerpts requires annual prior permission from the copyright holder and the payment of a fee.


Please notethis also applies to works created by your colleagues or your own work in cases where this work has already been published and the copyright has been transferred to the publisher.

Stichting UvO (Publishers' Association for Educational Licences) is a one-stop shop and implementing body that handles requests, notifications and payments for the use of long excepts on behalf of the copyright holders.

Use of long excerpts - prior permission

The use of long excerpts must be registered on the Stichting UvO portal.

Each school can register usage through its own UvO login account.


Contact the Copyright Information Point (AIP):

- if you need the login details for your school;

- if you need help registering usage;

- if you have any questions regarding the use of long excerpts.


Please note: The following procedures may be subject to change in the near future as the new Easy Access agreement continues to be refined.


Your school will have to pay additional fees for the use of long excerpts. Make sure to have such usage approved in advance by your team leader.


Requests for the use of long excerpts must be submitted at least 10 days before the materials are used/published in BB. Since the introduction of the new scheme, you are no longer required to upload proof copies of readers (compilations of two or more texts). 


Direct permission of copyright holder

In some cases, you might also consider directly contacting the copyright holder to request their consent for usage. 

Please noteThis does not apply to publishers due to the joint buyout arrangement with UvO.

However, you might want to consider this option in the case of businesses or institutions that produce reports, annual reports or manuals. You will then have to negotiate an equitable settlement, which can also be zero euros in some cases. For example, this can be the case if the copyright holder considers usage for educational purposes to be valuable.


If you will be negotiating a settlement for permission yourself:
  • make sure to reach clear agreements on the type of usage and usage period;
  • make sure that the agreements are recorded in writing, in the form of a letter, email or consent form;
  • archive these agreements and make sure the excerpt includes a statement (in the reader or in the file on the LMS) that permission has been obtained directly from the copyright holders;
  • such consent may be valid for either a fixed or indefinite period. If you intend to use materials for a period of several years, please take this into account when applying for permission.

Example request for direct permission of a copyright holder: 

Example how to link the permission with the item on the LMS:

Submitting statements to Stichting UvO

All universities of applied sciences must create their own overview of 'other usage'. This generally concerns all the used long excerpts (more than 50 pages / 25% of a work or more dan 25 images from a singel source).

This overview details all content reuse that has not been settled under the Easy Access agreement:

  • the use of long excerpts from publishers (registered through the portal);
  • PoD buyouts (readers, through the portal);
  • applications for direct authorisation;
  • applies to both text and images (more than 50 images; more than 25 images from a single source; more than 10 images from a single creator).

Institutions must submit a statement detailing all uses of long excerpts to the UvO by April 1st of each year. 

In order to provide clear statements to Stichting UvO, please make sure to report all uses of long excerpts to the Copyright Information Point through the following form:

Other useful information