Searching in NEN Connect

In NEN Connect you can search by standard number, standard title or keyword.

By default, the system searches ‘Not-exact’. Not-exact searches perform a ‘Google’ style search for the string entered in the search box. It searches by standard number, title, abstract and the full text standards themselves.

By clicking on 'Exact search' you can do an exact search by standard number or title, which only searches within those attributes.

Button 'Help' gives a brief explanation of searching with keywords.

Limit options in NEN Connect

By default, the system applies a large number of limits to your search.

The displayed search results can always be filtered by collections, availability, type of document, status, origin, language, publication year and other options.

 - By default you will see all types of documents in your results;

 - Tip: Focus your search for example only on the standard plus the amendment or corrections.


 - By default: the system retrieves only the current standards and standards that are in a design phase.

 - Tip: Haven't found the standard you were looking for? Perhaps is it a revoked standard. To search for those check the box 'Withdrawn'.


 - By default you will see all types of standards;

 - Tip: if you know which type of standard you are looking for, check the rest of the boxes out. You will get then fewer results.


 - By default you will get results in Dutch and English;

 - Tip: It's also possible to retrieve results in French, German or even in Russian, by checking the box 'Other'.


 - By default NOT CHECKED!

 - TipRedline module: compare two versions of a standard quickly and easily.

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