What are survey/ enquête tools?

When you are curious about the opinion of a group of customers/clients/professionals, it can be nice to send them a questionnaire instead of talking to everyone personally. This way you collect a lot of input in a shorter time. This is where survey tools can help: you draw up your questionnaire in one of the programs offered, and then you can share that questionnaire with whomever you want. 

In this Library Guide, we have collected practical information about survey tools for you, such as instruction videos, books about good question formulation and useful links. We also tell you who you can contact if you get stuck (this support is not provided by the Hanze Library, but by other colleagues at the Hanze).

Below, you can click through to the information you want. Good luck!

How do I make a digital survey/enquête?

How you can use the tool on your device, depends on which tool you choose. Click on one of the links below to get more information about the different tools. 

- How to use Microsoft Forms

- How to use Enalyzer


Check this page to see who you can best contact.