This Library Guide on ATLAS.ti 9 is still under construction and will be updated regularly.

You can use our Library Guide on ATLAS.ti version 8 to find out more information on functionalities that are also included in that version of the program.
You can also use the information/instructions you van find on ATLAS.ti's website. For more information, see the tab About ATLAS.ti.

ATLAS.ti 9 - an introduction

What can you use ATLAS.ti for?

ATLAS.ti is being used to code and analyse qualitative research data, such as:

  • textual files such as interviews, (news paper) articles, reports, blogs, etc.
  • (audio-)visual files such as sound clips, video fragments or photographs.

ATLAS.ti 8 and ATLAS.ti 9
This Library Guide is about ATLAS.ti version 8. As a student or employee of Hanze UAS you can use this version at least till the end of Juni 2021.
ATLAS.ti version 9 was released in September 2020 and this version is also available to Hanze UAS students and employees. This new release has new functionalities.

Availability at the Hanze UAS

ATLAS.ti version 8 is available on all Hanze computers, version 9 will become available on Hanze computers a.s.a.p.

You can download ATLAS.ti on your own device too (available for Windows and Apple). If you want to install ATLAS.ti on your own device, you will automatically get the newest version of ATLAS.ti: version 9. Click here to read how you can download and install ATLAS.ti 9.

Technical Support on ATLAS.ti

Are there any technical problems with the program?

Please, contact the Hanze UAS ATLAS.ti technical support Fokke Witteveen.

Other helpful resources