This Library Guide on ATLAS.ti 9 is still under construction and will be updated regularly.

You can use our Library Guide on ATLAS.ti version 8 to find out more information on functionalities that are also included in that version of the program.
You can also use the information/instructions you van find on ATLAS.ti's website. For more information, see the tab About ATLAS.ti.

More information via ATLAS.ti

In the program ATLAS.ti, you can go to the tab Help.

Here you can get access to:

  • the Help-menu (choose Open Help)
  • the Quick Tour (choose Quick Tour).



Choose Support to search for a training (e.g. a webinar), to check the FAQ or to go to the ATLAS.ti website.

Research Hub

The Research Hub contains articles on ATLAS.ti and its functionalities. There are also items on for example methodology that can be helpful.

ATLAS.ti on YouTube

ATLAS.ti has its own YouTube Channel.

We also recommend Susanne Friese's ATLAS.ti Video Blog.

Books on ATLAS.ti

Other helpful resources