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Copyright & referencing

Holds the audiovisual copyright? Are you allowed to use it? 

  • When you find an audiovisual on the internet you have to determine if the content holds copyright. 
  • In a copyrighted work, the creator or the publisher has the exclusive right to publish and reproduce an audiovisual or a part of the audiovisual.
  • Permission from the creator or publisher (or copyright owner) is required in order to be allowed to reuse the audiovisual.
  • If you are not sure if the audiovisual holds copyright, it is advisable to assume that this is the case.

Permission in advance

  • The creator or publisher can indicate in advance that you are free to re-use an audiovisual. You have to meet conditions like costs, a time embargo or it can be that you can reuse the audiovisual only in an educational setting.
  • Conditions can be set by means of a Creative Commons (CC) license.
  • You can ask permission to the creator or publisher (or copyright owner) to reuse the audiovisual, preferably in text.
  • You can appeal to the right to quote or to the right of a private copy for study purposes.

References are mandatory in copyright laws. The source e.g. the name of the creator or the copyrightholder and the location of the source should be acknowledged.

The American Psychological Association (APA) developed a referencing style for scientific research.

You can find examples of references in APA style at: