Need more help?

Are you stuck with this information? We do not offer support at the Hanze Library but are happy to refer you to our colleagues!


Do you have a technical problem?

If so, please e-mail your problem (with a brief explanation and possibly a screenshot) to or complete this form via TopDesk.


Are you a Wiebenga student and would you like someone to take a look at your specific situation?

Then you can contact the Wiebenga Statistics Helpdesk via Mail at least the following information: your name and what programme you're in, whether you do quantitative or qualitative research and a short description of your question. They will then schedule a Teams consultation with you as soon as possible.
For more information about this helpdesk, click here.

Looking for an alternative to SPSS?

You may not want to work with SPSS, but prefer to use another programme to do your research with. Or maybe you need a programme for a completely different purpose.


Please note that Hanze has not approved all programmes, for example because some programmes want to store personal information on servers abroad.

In this alphabetical list you can see which programmes have been checked and approved.