What is Excel?

Excel, who hasn't heard about it! This Microsoft program makes it easy to create overviews of data. You can then turn that data into clear charts that explain complicated information in a glance! But Excel can do more than create tables and graphs, for example, it can do automatic data entry, and create pivot tables or trend lines for you. 

In this Library Guide, we have collected practical information about Excel for you, such as instruction videos, books and a useful function translation tool. We also tell you who you can contact if you get stuck (this support is not provided by the Hanze Library, but by other colleagues within the Hanze).

Below, you can click through to your desired information. Good luck!

Help with installation

There are several ways to use Excel on your computer. 


Want to use Excel on your personal computer?
Then there are two options: use the web version of Excel via office.com, or download and install Excel and other Microsoft Office programmes (for free) on your device. You can read more about the latter option in this article.



Are you sitting at one of the Hanze computers?
Then the latest version of Excel is already installed for you. Just make sure you save your files in a place where you can easily find them again.



Problems with installation?
Check the FAQ about Excel via this link, or contact the ICT Support Centre via this form.