Finding and using literature

How can you search in a smart way?

Searching for literature, also called desk-research, is a part of every programme. It can be a small task, like 'search for a recent news article' or a bigger assignment, such as finding theoretical and academic support for your thesis research question. 

How can you find the literature you need in a fast and efficient way? By following the steps mentioned below!

By taking these steps, you'll learn:

  • how to formulate a correct search question and how to select the right search terms;
  • what variety of information sources exists and how to search in these sources;
  • where you can find the right information;
  • how to assess the quality of information (from the internet);
  • how you can use the found information in a report, article, presentation etc.;
  • how you can keep overview over the whole search process.

This is how it works:

The different information literacy skills are separated in steps, based on the 'Big6' of information literacy. This is a well known checklist developed by Berkowitz and Eisenberg (1990) with the steps you take when answering a research question.


The steps each have their own page under the menu button 'Steps literature research'.



Tool for literature research

An important tool for desk-research is the information logbook, in which you write down the progress of your search.

  • collecting: in the logbook you write down your search terms, new terms you come across during searching, databases you are using, filters you're applying, etc. 
  • sorting: you can use you logbook to note the literature you found and write down in what part of your assignment you want to use the information
  • evaluating: during searching, you often make choices. Thanks to your logbook, you can reflect during and after your search on these choices and adjust them if necessary.

A logbook prevents you doing searches twice and gives you insight in the search process.

Hanze Library is the start to your research

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