The Hanze Library BrowZine catalogue is freely accessible. However, in order to view full-text articles from our subscribed journal collection you will need to log in with your Hanze account for authentication. Upon clicking on a full-text link your will be prompted to log in. You should only need to log in once per session.


When you select "Hanzehogeschool Groningen" in the mobile BrowZine app, log in to your Hanze account. Your login data will be saved automatically on your device. 


Create a BrowZine account to use personalized features like bookshelves and notifications (see next tab).


Save journals and articles to your own personalized shelves and you will be able to receive email notifications when new articles are published in your favorite journals. BrowZine will also synchronize these shelves across devices.


Create a personal BrowZine account in order to use these features. Click the gear wheel in the top-right corner and click Login, try accessing My Bookshelves or My Articles. Do not use the same password as your Hanze account. 



There are two ways to find journals in BrowZine: browse by subject or use the search function.


By subject

Journals that are available within BrowZine are neatly categorized by subject category. Use these subjects listings to browse our collection and discover journals that are of interest to you. Browse within a broad area of interest or a more granular subject area. For example, you will find journals about climate change under Earth and Environmental Sciences > Environmental Health and Protection > Climate Change. Journals with multiple subject areas will be listed at different points within this hierarchy.


The journals within a subject can be sorted by title or SJR rank (Scimago Journal Rank).


Use the search function to find journals by title, ISSN or to find subjects and disciplines. For example, the search terms climate change return the subject 'Climate Change' and journals like 'Climate Change Ecology' and 'Energy and Climate Change'. BrowZine also displays journals that are not accessible within the application.


Journal issues

Open a journal to see a list of the various journal issues on the left side of the page. Here, you can also find the journal rank and related subject areas. Articles from the selected issue are shown on the right. BrowZine will always open the most recent issue by default.



In case of an embargo restriction, full-text articles of recent issue are not accessible. Nevertheless, you can still see and save article titles, export citations or save them in your article collections for future reading. The embargo period is mentioned at the top of the page and indicated by a lock icon in the issue list.

Articles in press

Some online journals also publish 'articles in press' or 'ahead-of-print'. The respective manuscripts have been accepted for publication but not been assigned a volume and issue. "Articles In Press" appear above the regular journals issues and are usually the most recent publications available.


Download, save & share

Use the the icons below the article information in order to:

  1. Download PDF: depending on browser settings and PDF format, this will either download or open the PDF version of the article.
  2. Link to Article: this will send you to the article page on the publisher's website. Clicking on the article title will do the same.
  3. Save to My Articles: with a BrowZine account you can save articles to a personal collection for future reading or article management.
  4. Export Citation: export article citations to RefWorks, Zotero, Mendeley, BibTeX, Endnote, Citavi or universal RIS. Check out our RefWorks Library Guide!
  5. Share: Copy a link to the article or directly share it via social media or email.


Journals within BrowZine

The purpose of BrowZine is to offer a library-curated collection of academic journals. The application make it easier to find, read and share these journals. BrowZine is limited the Hanze Library collection. This also includes a wide range of open access journals. If you have access to another library such as the Groningen University Library, you can use their version of BrowZine (see the FAQ).


Every journal within the Hanze Library collection can be found by using the BrowZine search function. The subject listings, on the other hand, only contain journals that are fully accessible from within BrowZine. 


Journals outside BrowZine

Journals that are only available in print, or lacking necessary information for processing can only be found by using the search function and will not show up under the subject headings. Often this concerns smaller, less popular or unranked journals.


Journals that not available in BrowZine are listed under "Journals available outside BrowZine". You will be directed to the HanzeWorldCat online catalogue instead. Looking for specific journals not listed in BrowZine? Visit HanzeWorldCat!

Shelves & Notifications


To organize, to manage and to receive email notifications that help you stay up to date, BrowZine includes two personal 'shelves'.

  • My Bookshelf: 4 bookcases with separate shelves for storing your favorite journals. My Bookshelf can also generate the email notifications.
  • My Articles: create collections of articles for managing sources and one-click access. Save full-text PDF's for offline reading (Android and iOS only).

The shelves are synced between desktop and mobile devices and can be renamed. You can move saved articles and journals between the shelves. BrowZine will alert you if you try to add items that have previously been added already.


Login to your personal BrowZine account to use collections, bookcases and bookshelves. Click the gear wheel in the top-right corner and click 'Login'.


My Bookshelf allows you to save your favorite journals in 4 different bookcases. A total of 64 journals can be stored so that you can easily remember these titles and organize your favorite sources of scholarly articles. My Bookshelf is used to generate email notifications when new articles are published in any of the journals on these shelves.


Add journals to My Bookshelf by clicking the corresponding "Add to My Bookshelf" button on the journal page above the issue list:

Organizing bookshelves

Use the icon on the top right of a journal cover to organize the journals in your bookshelf. Use pencil icon on the title of the shelf or bookcase to modify the title. In the browser version, mouse over the journal or title so that the icons appear.


Add a journal to My Bookshelf to receive email notifications for a journal. You will automatically receive email notifications whenever new articles are published in any of the titles in My Bookshelf (turn on the email notification settings). Currently, you select specific journals to receive notifications for. Every journal in My Bookshelf can appear in the notification.


By default, notifications are sent weekly in the form of an aggregated journals list that contains new articles. You can change this setting in your BrowZine account settings to choose between weekly or daily notifications or to turn them off. Alternatively, select "Click here to unsubscribe" in the email notification. Note that emails will only be sent if there are new articles in the journals saved in My Bookcase.


My Articles is a feature similar to My Bookcase but specifically for articles. To get started, add an article you are interested in by selecting the folder icon. Select a collection within My Articles to save it in, or create a new collection right away. On mobile devices tap button in top-right corner to save an article.


Organizing collections

Articles within collections can be deleted, copied and moved to other collections. New collections can be created, renamed and deleted. Use the cross icon to delete items and the pencil icon to rename collections. To move (or copy) articles, save them again and choose a different collection.


Offline reading

The iOS and Android versions also have the ability to save full-text PDF's for offline reading and safe keeping. A paperclip icon next to the article in My Articles indicates that it has been saved for offline use. Due to content license limitations, BrowZine cannot help you download PDF's in the browser version of BrowZine. Manually save the file if you want to download PDF's for safe keeping on a desktop computer. 

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