What is RefWorks?

Manage and process your sources with RefWorks

With RefWorks, you can (amongst other things):

  • collect your references in your own list(s)
  • upload a copy of the full text with the reference, so you don't lose it.
  • organise your references in folders 
  • read your documents and make notes
  • use the RefWorks extensions in Word or Google Docs to add references to your documents in the right format
  • produce a reference list in any bibliographical format you want (APA, Harvard or others)
  • share a list of references with your peers and work together on collecting literature

RefWorks in 2 steps

​RefWorks offers two components that work together:

  1. Their web application to collect references
  2. Their extension in Word to use your references in your assignment/thesis.

To quickly start, make a RefWorks account on their website and download the add-in RefWorks Citation Manager in Word.​

RefWorks - introduction video

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