Direct export - Google Scholar

Method: Direct Export

1. Click the Cite button at the bottom of a reference.


2. Click on RefWorks


3. If you are not yet logged in to RefWorks, you will now be taken to the RefWorks login screen.

4. If you are logged in to RefWorks, you will be taken to the Import screen. Click Import and the reference(s) will be added.

Export multiple references - Google Scholar

If you want to export multiple references from Google Scholar at once:

  1. Add the desired references to My Library using the asterisk. Optionally, you can add a label, so that you can export a selection from My Library. This remains a manual action, by the way, it's not possible to add references to “My library” in bulk.

  2. Then go to My library, select the added label if necessary (in the example “Test RefWorks” and choose “Export all”.


  3. Choose the option: RefMan. Your credentials will then be exported to a .ris file.


  4. Then go to RefWorks > Add > Import references > Import from a file and select the just exported .ris file.

  5. Choose to import in the RIS Format. Click Import. The references are now added to RefWorks.

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