If you include search results from multiple databases in RefWorks, you are very likely to have duplicates. RefWorks can find these duplicates for you. This can be done for 'All references' or for a (sub) folder. RefWorks considers two references to be duplicates if they came from different databases. If you place a reference from the one database in several folders, RefWorks does not recognize this as a duplication.

1. Go to 'All Documents' or to a (sub) folder

2. Click on Duplicates > Find duplicates


3. Choose how you want RefWorks to determine the primary reference (by completenesse, newest or oldest reference).

4. Select the Matching settings: should the references match exactly or should similar references be found?

5. Select the fields you want RefWorks to use in determining the duplicates

6. Click on: Find duplicates. You will get a notification that your deduplication request has started. Deduplication time varies based on number of records and match criteria and will run in its entirety until it is complete. You are not required to stay on this page or be logged into RefWorks.

When the deduplication is finished, you will find a green button below the Duplicates tab.


7. Click on the green button and go to "See last results" to get the list of duplicates RefWorks found.

Important: Check if it is really a duplicate before you delete it. This can be done by selecting real duplicates and then clicking Delete.

Add tags

When editing your references you can add keywords (Add Tags). This makes searching for references within your RefWorks database easier and more effective. You can add new or already existing tags to your references. You can also remove any added tags.

By clicking on Tags in the left menu you can use a search box to search for references with a specific tag.

If Tags is expanded in the left menu, you can drag and drop references onto a desired tag to give that tag to the selected references. RefWorks indicates how many references it concerns. Just drop the selected references on the tag, and click the blue glowing tag to add it to the references.


If you delete references, they are not immediately deleted permanently, but first stored in the Deleted box.


Step 1. Select the references to be deleted by ticking them.


Step 2. Click Delete in the top menu. A selection menu will expand. Click Delete again. Your reference will now be moved to the Deleted folder.



Step 3. Click on Deleted in the side menu. The content of the recycle bin is now displayed.



Step 4. Select which references you want to permanently delete. You can sort the content of the Deleted folder by dates, title and author. Click Delete again in the top menu and choose whether you want to empty the entire recycle bin or the selected references.


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