Read documents in RefWorks

You can add a document (eg a PDF of an article) to RefWorks (read more about uploading a document)

If a reference contains a document (eg a PDF of an article), you can open the document by double-clicking on the reference. You can then read and annotate the document. If the item does not contain a document, you will see 'Find fulltext using Hanze WorldCat' in the window on the right. Click on it to see if you have online access to this publication through the Hanze library.


If the DOI of your reference is found in the Unpaywall Open Access Database, the link to the open access full text will be shown in the preview and edit screen:

You have several options, all of which can be found on the toolbar at the top of the page:

  • Go back to your reference overview
  • Zoom in or out on the document
  • Print the document
  • Download the document
  • Highlight parts of the text
  • Add a comment to the selected text
  • Take notes
  • Edit the reference associated with the document


Annotate documents in RefWorks

You can take notes on all documents (eg PDFs) that you have stored in RefWorks. You can also annotate documents that someone else has shared with you, provided you have obtained the rights to do so.

To annotate a document you have to open the reference in full screen. You do this by double clicking on the reference. The document is displayed in the reader. Click the Document Notes icon in the reader menu and add your comments.



If you want to highlight parts of the text, select the relevant text with the Highlight Selected Text icon.


To remove the marker, click on the highlighted text until the delete option becomes visible. Click on "Delete Conversation".


You can also highlight text with the Comment iconand add a comment to it.


You can change the color of the comment and the highlighted text, change or delete the comment by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the note.
An indication also appears to the right of the selected text. By clicking on that you will also reach the note. Once you've typed a comment, it will be saved automatically.

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