Organize in folders

To add a folder:

1. Click on: +Add folder


2. Name the folder
3. Click Save

To add a subfolder:

1. Click the More icon behind the name of a folder.

2. Click Add subfolder
3. Name the subfolder and click Save.

Sorting Folders:
You can sort folders alphabetically or put them in the desired order using drag and drop. Click on Sort under My folders.

Adding references to Folder:
Via Not in Folder you can see the references that are not (yet) placed in a folder. Select the references you want to move to a folder. By clicking on the icon "Assign selected references to other folders" you can move the references to the desired (sub) folder.

Organize in Projects

Projects are separate reference collections with unique folders, references, tags, share, etc. For most users it's enough to organize references into folders. But it can be useful for users working on multiple research projects with different groups of people to include references and folders in a project. When writing a document, you can only use references from one project. For more information, see the YouTube tutorial about Projects below.
Your RefWorks account has a default project called Untitled Project. You can change the name and create new projects on the Manage Projects page.


Add references to a project:
Go to the My projects screen and click on the name of the project to which you want to add references. This project will be the (current) project.
Search a database and use the Export to RefWorks function. The references are added in the newly selected (current) project. Or add references using + Add.

Moving references between projects

​To copy references from one project to another:

  1. Go to the source project. Select the references you want to export and use the function Share> Export references to export references from the source project.

  2. Save the references in the RIS Format.

  4. Then navigate to the My projects page to change the project to the project to which the references are to be imported.
  5. Use Add > Import References to import the references. Also choose the RIS Format when importing.


Note: the references are now also in the source file. If you don't want the references to be duplicated in your RefWorks account, you must manually remove the references from the source file.

Select the references you want to remove. Click Delete and place the references in the trash.


Then empty your trash: go to the folder Deleted, select the references you want to delete from the trash and click Delete> Empty trash.



YouTube tutorial - Organizing References with Projects in RefWorks

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