Cite and create bibliography

RefWorks offers several tools to assist in citing the references used and creating a bibliography:

  1. RefWorks Citation Manager add-in for Word documents.
  2. Create Bibliography and Quick cite - for example in Word Online.

RefWorks Citation Manager - in Word

1. In Word, open the document to which you want to add references.
2. On the Start tab, go to Add-Ins

Note that sometimes in the ribbon you will only see the untitled box or the add-ins box is hidden under the three dots:

3. Click More add-ins. The Office Add-ins pop-up screen opens..
4. Type RefWorks in the search box
5. Click Add behind RefWorks Citation Manager

6. Login to the RefWorks Citation Manager with your RefWorks account. When you are logged in to RefWorks, your reference list will appear on the right.
7. Select the (sub) folder or project from which you want to quote.

8. You can choose in which way you want the references to be sorted. Click on 'by date added'.
9. In the Word document, place your cursor where you want to insert the reference, check the reference(s) in the list and click Insert Citations. The references are now added to the document and the bibliography is created.


10. You can change the citation style.

11. Find and select the desired citation style and click Update. The citation style used in the document is adjusted.
Note: Everything you add, change or remove in RefWorks will be automatically synchronized in your document. Therefore, do NOT make changes to the references in your document, but in the reference in RefWorks.

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Collaborate in documents with RCM

When you write a document connected to a shared project, you can collaborate on a document with other project owners using RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM). A document with quotes from the shared project can be emailed between users and any project participant can contribute. Each author works on the document individually and then e-mails it to the other owners for further editing, rather than having multiple users edit the document at the same time.

The following conditions must be met in order to collaborate with other project participants:

  • All authors must own the same project.
  • All authors must use RCM.
  • If you receive a document with a custom style that is not available to you, you can still use that style. However, if you change the style in the document, you cannot return to the unavailable custom style. Only users who have the style available can return to it.

Create Bibliography and Quick Cite - eg in Word Online (Office 365)

The RefWorks Citation Manager is currently not yet available in Word Online (Office 365). It is on the Proquest roadmap to be developed. Until then, you can use the "Create Bibliography" and "Quick Cite" functionality within RefWorks to quote references in World Online.

Quick cite

With Quick Cite you can copy citations formatted in RefWorks in the correct style.

  • Go to the project and/or folder you want to use
  • Click on the Create bibliography icon and choose Quick Cite



A popup window will open.

1. Select the desired Citation Style and click "Continue".



2. Select the references you want to quote and click on the icon "Copy citations to your clip board".



3. Then paste the copied citation in the desired place in your document.


Create Bibliography


You can create a bibliography of any folder you want, either via All Documents or via a list of search results.

  • Go to the folder you want to use (or go to All Documents or search and select items)
  • Click on the Create bibliography icon. 


YouTube tutorial - Writing with RefWorks

YouTube tutorial - Editing Citation Styles in RefWorks

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