Exporting references

You can export your references, which you can send to another user, without sharing a folder or project. You can also import these references in a different referencemanager.

How to export references:

  • Navigate to the folder you want to export
  • Select which references you want you export
  • Click Share > Export references
  • Choose if you want to export the entire folder or just the selection of references
  • Choose the format in which you want to export the references
  • Click on Export

Sharing Folders

You can share reference folders with specific RefWorks users and/or all other users within the Hanze University. You can also share a reference folder with somebody outside of the Hanze University, as long as they have a RefWorks account.

1. Click on the Share/Export icon.

2. Select the folder you want to share.

3. Add the emailadresses of the people you want to share the folder with one at the time, and adjust the permissions you want to give this person:

- Can read –> They can see the references, and can read documents.

- Can annotate –>  They can see the references, and can read and annotate documents.

- Can modify –> They can see references, read/annotate documents, edit existing annotations, add and remove documents and notes.

4. If you want, you can send a message with the invitation.

5. Click on Share Collection.

The people you just invited will receive an email and a notification in RefWorks, which they can accept or decline. If somebody doesn't have RefWorks yet, they will be invited to make an account.

NB: if your shared folder has subfolders, those will be shared as well!

Check which folder you share with who

You can see right to the Folder name if you share that folder. 


Select the Sharing Settings in to see and edit the Sharing Settings of that Folder.









In these Sharing Settings you can also:

  1. Change the folder from "private" to "institution" (which means everyone from the Hanze can now access your Folder)
  2. Change individual permissions of the people who have access
  3. Remove people from the Folder by clicking on the x Remove next to their name.


Public Folder Sharing

Click on Create Public URL to receive a URL that people without RefWorks accounts can use to access the folder with references. 

People accessing this public folder have permission to: 

  • export references to a file
  • make a bibliography from selected references in an available citation style.

If you want to remove the public url:

  • If necessary, go to Share a folder again.
  • Select the relevant folder + Only invited people may access and click on Done.
  • Select Remove URL to revoke public access, and make the folder private again.

Sharing projects

It's possible to share Projects amongst RefWorks New users.

  • Everyone who you invite into a project will (after accepting the invitation) become a projectmember, with full permissions (adding, editing and deleting references, change folders, anotate). Every projectmember can delete the project, given that it is not the only and current project of that person. 
  • Reference-ID's within a project are unique. So if you add a reference to a shared project, the Ref-ID does not match or count on from your private reference library's Ref-ID.​

How to share a project:

  1. Select the project you want to share or collaborate in.
  2. Click on Share this project.
  3. Add the emailadresses of the people you want to collaborate with, and click Done.


For more information, check out RefWorks video on sharing references down below.

YouTube tutorial - Collaboration through Sharing in RefWorks

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