In this Library Guide you'll find a lot of information related to Physiotherapy. Think about relevant databases, books or Journals, or an interesting news feed. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your librarian! Enjoy!

Top 3 databases Physiotherapy

These are the three most popular databases for finding literature and research related to Physiotherapy

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Critical Appraised Tools (CAT's)

An important part of Evidence Based Practice, is critically assessing research and literature using Critical Appraisal Tools (CATs). CATs are helpful in assessing the quality and reliability and validity of done research. Different types of research ask for different types of CATs. On this site, you will find a list of CATs sorted by research type. 

Handy Links

Here are some interesting links and other Library Guides for you to check out. The PubMed Library Guide is currently only available in Dutch