Databases for Minerva Art Academy


In our library you have access to a lot of magazines. Please feel free to visit us and read the magazines in our library. You can also borrow them and read at any place you like. The newest magazines are easy to find, but when you want to take a look at the magazines of previous years please ask the librarian for help.

Below a selection of our magazines:

Films & documentaries

The Minerva Hanze library is the only Hanze library with a large DVD collection. And this collection is still growing! 

A few notes: 

* If you don't have a DVD player you can borrow one of our portable DVD players. Please ask the librarian for help.

* We need your help to keep our DVD collection up to date. If you have a suggestion for our collection than please don't hesitate to inform us about it. We are very happy with good suggestions!