Applying design criteria checklist

Go through the following checklist:

  • Unnecessary information has been omitted.
  • Limited written text has been added to the presentation.
  • Valuable information has been explicitly emphasized for the student.
  • Related images and text have been placed close to each other.
  • Images and corresponding words are presented simultaneously instead of sequentially.
  • The student can control the pace of studying the clip.
  • The student's prior knowledge is sufficient to understand the content of the clip.
  • Spoken dialogue accompanies the visuals instead of written text.
  • Relevant images have been used whenever possible.
  • The spoken text is in everyday language

Evaluate formatively

Formative evaluation involves actively seeking feedback to improve your developing knowledge clip. You can ask a colleague or even students for their input.  



Colleagues often have knowledge of the subject and can provide insights from that perspective. Show your presentation and script/keywords to a colleague and ask for feedback.



With students, you can inquire whether the information is clear and understandable.