Knowledge clip as a learning activity

Within education, there is an increasing use of sharing knowledge outside regular lessons. One way to share knowledge outside of lessons is by creating one or a series of knowledge clips.

A knowledge clip is a video in which you explain a single topic, concept, or practical situation.
The video is typically 2 to 10 minutes long.

A knowledge clip provides students with the opportunity to study learning materials independently, at their own pace, and without being limited by location or time. Subsequently, during a physical class, the teacher can delve deeper into the content of the video.

There are several ways to utilize a knowledge clip. For example, it can be used to activate students' prior knowledge or to provide additional explanations for complex learning material.

The image below illustrates how online and physical education reinforce each other.




Purpose of this guide

This Libguide outlines the following steps:

  • Preparing the content
  • Evaluating
  • Preparing the knowledge clip
  • Recording the knowledge clip
  • Publishing the knowledge clip

This Libguide serves a supporting role, so use the information that is relevant to you.

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