Rehearsing as Preparation

It is useful to practice a dry run once to determine:

  • If you stay within the maximum time limit of 10 minutes
  • If the script flows smoothly
  • If the script and slides align well with each other

Recording and Editing Knowledge Clip

Within Hanze University of Applied Sciences, there are several possibilities for recording a knowledge clip:

  • Recording with PowerPoint 

You can quickly create a knowledge clip from your presentation using PowerPoint. To learn more about this, click here.

  • Personal Capture 

Our multimedia application, Kaltura, also provides the option to record a knowledge clip. You can use the application called "Kaltura Capture" to record your screen and webcam. The recording can be directly uploaded to Kaltura.

To find out more, click here.

  • Recording Studio 

Hanze University of Applied Sciences has two recording studios (Wiebenga and van Doornveste). These studios are equipped with a professional camera with a mirror focused on a screen, allowing you to maintain eye contact with the camera. Additionally, there is a control panel to adjust the image layout.

To learn more, click here. If you wish to make a direct reservation, click here.

Editing Knowledge Clip

If you have recorded your clip using PowerPoint or the recording studio, you can edit the recording using video editing software, such as Adobe Rush.

  • If you made your recording using Kaltura Capture, it is already saved in Kaltura. Within Kaltura, you can perform various editing tasks. For more information on these editing options, follow this link.
  • If you want to edit your Personal Capture recording with different software, you can download your recording. More information on how to download your recording can be found here.
  • Note that if you recorded with your camera and a PowerPoint presentation, your PowerPoint will not be downloaded.  
  • If you made your recording in the Green House Studio, it would already have been edited by an AV colleague. If you need further adjustments, contact the AV service, or consider using Adobe Rush.

Adobe Rush 

Adobe Rush is a video editing application available through Adobe Creative Cloud. You can download this set of applications via this link. The annual cost for using this package is approximately 20 euros.

Uploading the Knowledge Clip

You can upload your knowledge clip to Blackboard or to 

In both cases, your video will be stored in your personal My Media environment. From there, you can view and share your video in both Blackboard and Information about this kan be found here.


Editing in Kaltura

Once your video is uploaded, there are several editing options available:

There is also the possibility to add interactivity to a video. You can do this by:

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