I want to use someone else's publications, pictures, video or sound in my teaching materials

Teaching materials often include existing written content (e.g. an article, a chapter from a book or a manual), pictures, videos or audio clips. These can either be uploaded to Blackboard or used in your presentation.


As a Hanze UAS lecturer, you are expected to do so in a responsible manner that respects the creators' intellectual property rights and sets a good example for your students. This will involve dealing with copyright and the various specific rules for higher education institutions.


The Copyright Act (Auteurswet) contains a number of exceptions designed to help higher education institutions use materials created by others. Hanze UAS has also reached agreements with various organisations in order to secure upfront (limited) permission for the use of copyrighted materials and facilitate the payment of fees.


You can ask yourself a number of questions every time you want to upload materials to the Learning Management Systems (LMS, in our case Blackboard) in order to make sure they meet the requirements. These questions have been incorporated into a flow chart.


You can answer the questions at each step with either 'Yes' or 'No'

  • If the answer is 'Yes' - follow the instructions.
  • If the answer is 'No' - proceed to the next question in the flowchart. 

Already know which materials you want to use in your class? Continue to question 1!




Already know how to use the flow chart?

If you have used the flow chart before and want to go straight to the relevant rules, click on one of the links below. 


1. Can you include a link to the material?

Click here for information on linking to copyrighted materials: 'Linking'.

2. Does the material have a CC licence?

Click here for information on the use of open licence materials: 'Open licences'.

3. Is the material you want to use part of the library collection?

Click here for information on using materials from the Hanze Library collection: 'Library collection'.

4. Are you the author of the publication?

Click here for information on using publications you have authored or co-authored: 'Own publications'.

5. Will you be using part of the material in accordance with the terms of the Easy Access Agreement?

Click here for information on the conditions for the use of copyrighted materials under the Easy Access Agreement for universities of applied sciences: 'Easy Access Agreement'.

6. Use of long excerpts

Click here for information on the use of excerpts exceeding 50 pages or 1/4 of the original publication: Use of long excerpts

Other useful information