Google Images

Most of us use Google to search for information, including images.

You can search for the images by simply typing a word in the search bar and then choose Images from the options just below the search results bar.


By clicking on Tools you can refine the images by size, color, image type (photo, illustrations, etc.), date, and usage rights.

Microsoft Bing Images

With the Bing Images search engine you can: 

  • filter the images by color, type, image format, format, date, and CC license; right click on Filter to make the options visible,
  • use a separate filter for people: the distinction between faces and head with shoulders,
  • you can also search using an image or by voice.


Yahoo Image

Yahoo Image Search is one of the best options: 

  • searches Flickr (image sharing platform) making it a go-to source for custom user-generated images. Flickr users have the option to save images from their searches to their Flickr account,
  • immediately visible filter options: refine results by color, size, image type, and license (CC license),
  • within the License filter there is an option to search for works from Public Domain.

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