In this Library Guide you'll find a lot of information related to Finance & Control.

As a Hanze student, you can make use of the Hanze Library for free. It is a great place to study or to meet your fellow students.

Did you know that you also have access to (e-)books, journals and databases? 

Our online collection is available 24/7, to be used from every location. You can find information about your field of study, but there is also a lot of other relevant information: newspapers, novels and games, for instance.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your information specialist! Enjoy!

Introduction: play the game and learn about the Hanze Library


Watch the introduction film below and then play the Quiz!


Why visit the Hanze Library!

Why use the library at all, we have Google right? 

What is the deep web and how can you search it? Is googling the most appropriate way to find reliable, scientific information? Discover it all in our minilecture: Library vs. Google.


Digital consultation hour

On Mon-Fri, the information specialists organize both an online as well as a consultation hour on location (Zernike/Wiebenga), so that you can ask your questions about literature research. You can find the information specialist between 11:30AM-12:30PM in the pod in the back of the library at Zernike, or in the first green group project cubical of the library at Wiebenga. Is it too busy or do you prefer to helped online? Use the link below to enter the online consultation hour (also between 11:30-12:30 on Mon-Fri).


Blackboard Orientation – Howard College Every workday between 11:30 and 12:30 you can ask us your questions through​ this link in Blackboard Collaborate.
(Open this link in Google Chrome.)

Do you have questions about literature research? We would be happy to speak to you during the consultation hour!

- The information specialists of the Hanze Library

Top 3 relevant databases

The most relevant databases for Finance and Control.

For more relevant sources, choose 'Specific sources F&C' above, or click here for a complete A-Z list of all databases.

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