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Keywords are words or short phrases that represent the main ideas in your research topic or question. To come up with keywords, identify the most important words in your research question or topic.

As you search for sources using the keywords, you will identify new keywords from abstracts, subject terms and titles. You can revise your searches with new keywords and continue the process until you find relevant sources. 


Synonyms are great to use when searching in databases, because databases only bring back results which contain the exact words you typed in. If you don't include synonyms you could miss out on some relevant sources.

To find keywords and synonims you can use dictionaries or an thesaurus




Do you want to use SPSS to analyze your data? We have made a Library Guide about SPSS where you can learn all about installing and using the program. Check it out here.

Or are you taking on R as your statistical program? We also have a Library Guide to help you get started with R, check it out here.

Do you want to make a survey? The Hanze offers student accounts for the tool Enalyzer, but also provides free access to the Microsoft Forms tool. Read more about these two survey tools here.

Do you want to use ATLAS.ti to help with your qualitative research? We have a separate Library Guide talking you through the functionalities and how to get the free license. Just select the version you are (going to be) using:

Referencing is very important in your assignments, theses and later publications, but it can be tedious to keep track of all the different references you're using. You can use a reference manager to help you out with that. The Hanze has a license for RefWorks, meaning that you can use RefWorks for free! To read about the functionalities, see examples, and learn how to log in to RefWorks, check out this serparate Library Guide:

RefWorks Library Guide

Of course it is still important to understand how referencing rules work. You can check out the APA style website, to see examples, compare editions 6 and 7 and read up on all the styling rules.

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