The Hanze Library collection consists of a large number of different information sources. Some of these resources can be found printed in one of the Hanze Library locations, but a large part is also available online. To search through our collection, you can use the HanzeWorldCat search engine.

What is HanzeWorldCat?

HanzeWorldCat is a search engine in which you can search through the collection of the Hanze Media Library. It contains all information on the books, e-books, journals, e-journals, DVDs, sheet music and other materials of the Hanze Library. The description of the title includes where you can find the item on the shelf or a link to the digital source. 

With this search engine you can search a large number (but not all) of databases, find the (e-)books in our collection and browse collections of other Dutch libraries. 

Use the search bar to search for a particular subject, title, author, or ISBN. Click on advanced search to search by a specific search term or combination of terms (more on this here). If you get a lot of search results, use the filters on the left (more on Filters here).

This guide gives you tips on how to quickly find your desired title and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Quickly click to the right information

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  • All the tips about borrowing, reserving and returning items can be found hier.
  • Facilities per location are summed up here.
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  • Become a search pro? Check out search tips here.
  • Are you an employee? Here are some extra tips for you

Who is HanzeWorldCat intended for?

For everyone!
HanzeWorldCat is accessible to everyone. Without logging in, you can search our collection and filter until you find what you are looking for. You can see where books are shelved and stop by to read them in the Hanze Library.

With your Hanze account
Do you study or work at the Hanze? Then you can access digital resources from the catalogue, manage your borrowed items and borrow materials from the Hanze Library using your Hanze Card. Read more about the advantages and options of browsing the collection while logged in.

Third-party membership
Do you not work or study at the Hanze, but would like to make use of our extensive collection? If so, you can apply for an external library card for € 25 a year. You can do this at any of the four Hanze Library locations, upon presentation of a valid ID card. Third parties have no access to the databases.